Last week, Mojo’s Bar Fremantle announced their booking manager will be standing down from operational duties, three days after hand-made signs calling for his removal were photographed on the bar windows.

Pictures of the signs reading “Make Mojos safe again, Out with Andrew, We deserve better” and “Save Mojos, Andrew Out!” circulated on social media last week, sparking a heated community response from some in the Perth music industry.

This comes a month after Mojo’s Bar won West Australian Music’s “Most Popular Venue” award for the seventh year running.

Mojo’s bar stated in a Facebook post on Friday that Andrew Ryan will be ceasing all operational duties and that Ryan had “acknowledged that prior conduct has caused others to feel uncomfortable.”

The post also said that Mojos would “support him as he works through this,” and that their “commitment to safety is absolute”.

The post has since been met with nearly 600 comments.

Mojo’s bar manager Duncan Stratham declined to comment to ECU Vanguard News and Andrew Ryan told ECU Vanguard News that he had nothing to add to the Facebook statement posted by Mojo’s Bar.

Other local artists, managers and bookers have voiced their concerns on social media with regard to Ryan’s alleged conduct.

In an Instagram post, Perth artist Stella Donnelly said: “Mojo’s is bigger than him. The young bands coming up in this town deserve a safe place to play. […] Enough is enough. Make Mojos safe again. Save Mojos.”

Local artist manager Kahlee Lengkeek said in a social media post, “As workers within this industry we have an obligation to create safe spaces for people to play shows, to work, and to enjoy live music – to see this finally come to light and get the attention it should have gotten is a sign that we are tired.”

Another source, who wishes to remain anonymous, told ECU Vanguard News: “No one knows who put up these signs [that] night but it means the issue can be addressed publicly without a profile or person being attached to it.”

Mojo’s Bar said Andrew Ryan is taking the time to “reflect and better himself”.

Mojo’s Bar makes a statement on the situation. Via Facebook.
Photo: Brianna Melville.

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