Have you been overwhelmed with emotions lately? According to astrologers the combination of tonight’s supermoon, total lunar eclipse and Mercury being in retrograde, all-star signs are feeling the effects.

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Tonight’s incredibly rare supermoon is paired with total lunar eclipse which is why it’s called a super blood moon. A visual phenomenon the moon will project a red halo when the earth casts its shadow across the mood during its eclipse, and Perth stargazes will be able to see the eclipse at its peak at 7.11pm tonight.


No matter if you’re a believer or not, no one can resist reading your horoscope when given the opportunity (even if it’s in a magazine at the dentist’s office from five years ago).

“Astrology’s popularity comes and goes in waves with the last boom being during World War Two which reflected the anxieties that people had at the time. With spirituality having to compete alongside church beliefs,” Deakin University Professor Andrew Singleton said.

Another thing quietly thriving from the pandemic is Australian young adults connecting with esoteric practices such as astrology and mindfulness practices.

“At the moment not only is astrology really popular but also wellness. When comparing millennials with Gen Z, millennials engage with horoscopes whereas gen z also bring with them wellness and yoga practices.”


Professor Andrew Singleton said a quarter of young Australian believe in astrology.

We asked Perth university students why they connect with their horoscopes and how seriously they take them.

Edith Cowan University student Sarah Staker said that she became more interested with her horoscope after downloading the Co-Star app.

“I love that it gives a more personal horoscope to me and what’s going on in my life. It’s also pretty special that the app can tell me how my day relates to my friends, so it’s also a little positive reminder to reach out to them and check in.”

Curtin University psychology student Katie Perrella gains her astrology insight from Instagram accounts like @sistervilliage, saying it helps her feel grounded to the world around her.

“Following astrology and understanding personality in terms of my zodiac chart makes me feel so understood and connected to the universe.”

While our millennials and Gen Z might connect more with their horoscopes tonight don’t miss the opportunity to see the once in a life time super blood moon night. Looking forward our interest in astrology isn’t going anywhere.

“One of the things about astrology is that it gives you hope, some idea about the future and their relationships, something humans are always searching for. As long as there’s uncertainty people will turn to astrology,” Professor Andrew Singleton said.

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