Photo Essay by Madeleine Lombardi

Melissa Clements is a fine artist based in Perth, Western Australia.

Originally from England, Melissa travelled between Australia and the UK from the ages of 3 and 10 before finally settling in her hometown.

Searching for home has always been a poignant part of Melissa’s identity.

To Melissa, shaping “family” has been challenging, as some of her loved ones remain on the other side of the world.

Her style of art reflects a longing to connect to those whom she paints.

Melissa’s interest in people and inclination to be a deep thinker is what sparks her creativity in portraiture work.

To Melissa the idea of capturing faces has always interested her as she’s always felt in awe of people who could capture the likeness of someone on canvas.

Melissa’s been painting with oils for 6 years and over time her craft has become more of a need, something she must do in life.

Her more recognised art pieces capture a strong sense of realism, and more recently, her current work has stemmed away from her familiar style.

“I’d always get upset when someone would say what’s the point in painting, if you’re just going to make it look like a photograph,” she said.

Feeling badgered by blatant comments and believing them as true, Melissa still trusts her work.

There’s always a story to tell by surrendering herself to her practise with a rewarding outcome.

When she paints, Melissa gets into a zone where she feels like time operates at a different pace to reality.

She finds herself in a sweet spot where her effort is still a challenge whilst working under a sense of calm.

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