Chinese Venice. Supplied: Louise Gan

Nostalgia is at the heart of photographic artist Louise Gan’s new exhibition, which will debut at Fringe World Festival in January.

‘Nostalgic Impressions’ will be hosted at first-time Fringe venue The Seasonal Brewing Co.

The exhibition delves into Gan’s nostalgic memories through an array of past and present imagery.

“It’s almost a subconscious decision with two, three or four images which I think go together and the end product comes from that,” she said.

“It’s a very interesting process for me.”

Gan has always enjoyed exploring the dynamic between the film and digital mediums, finding different ways to integrate both into her work.

“Obviously with film we think ‘Oh yeah this is nostalgic’, but it doesn’t mean digital doesn’t have that association,” she said.

“During my photography education it always started with digital and film came later.

“For me, digital is more nostalgic in a way.”

Nostalgia could be interpreted in many ways, Gan said, as both a personal and universal experience.

“Nostalgia is very personal in a way depending on where you were born and what your childhood memories are,” she said.

“But it can also be universal.”

She has included photos from her past and present, with one image encapsulating the comparison between Venice and an ancient town in China.

“They call it the ‘Chinese Venice’,” she said.

“They did a lot of work to get rid of the pollution to make it presentable and preserve the ancient buildings.

“It’s nostalgic to me in a personal way.”

Gan’s ‘Laundrocat’ image sparks memories of when she was living at university and had to use the local laundromat to wash her clothes.

Nowadays her cat enjoys sleeping in her laundry basket at home.

“What is a laundromat to me now?

“It wasn’t anything glamorous; it certainly is a nostalgic feeling.”

Gan said some people might not notice the parts of the original image she has altered, but that that was the whole point.

“As long as you can appreciate an image like that and have your own associations and emotions then I’m happy.”

‘Nostalgic Impressions’ will run throughout the entire Fringe World Festival from 14 January to 13 February 2022.

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