A Northern Suburbs family of eight can finally realise their dream of owning a home after becoming instant multi-millionaires in the Lottery West Saturday lotto.

A regular Sunday visit to the Swan Valley was on the cards for the lucky family, when they were informed that a ticket purchased in Clarkson had won the Division One Saturday Lotto prize of $3.3 million.

Requesting anonymity for security reasons, the mother of the family said: “We realised we bought a ticket in Clarkson and at the same store they were looking for.

“One of my friends called out the numbers, the first number was 27 and as soon as I saw we had it, I knew we had won it.

“The rest of the numbers came up and none of us could speak,” she said.

So far this year Western Australia has recorded 57 Division One winners, sharing $114 million in prize money.

The largest 2021 win for the state was in February when an OZ Lotto winner took home the entire Division One prize of $30 million.

It was also the largest WA win since March 2016.

The father of the winning Clarkson family said disbelief was still lingering.

“We just didn’t believe it.

“The newsagent told us, we checked it online, we celebrated for a little bit, but we just didn’t believe it until Lottery West gave us the confirmation.

“I felt quite numb to be honest and it probably still hasn’t sunk in,” he said.

Spending the winnings will begin with the search for a new family home, a welcome departure from the never-ending cycle of renting properties.

“We have picture frames on our garage that we’ve never been able to hang up before because we can’t put holes in the walls, we can do that now,” he said.

The mother said the timing of the win was “written in the stars”.

“The same day that we won the lottery the rental that we are living in was sold and we were in a tough spot.

“Trying to find a house to accommodate a family of eight isn’t easy, we were in a vulnerable position.

“It feels like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders,” she said.

Robbie Anderson works in the media industry applying his skills competently and creatively across all areas of content creation and presentation. Born and raised in Scotland, Robbie immigrated with his Father, Mother and Sister to Perth, Western Australia in 2013. Between the ages of 13 and 17, Robbie worked in the entertainment industry appearing on reality TV shows and staring in Australian nationwide advertising campaigns. Due to these unique experiences at a young age, Robbie has continued to build his passion for entertaining and engaging people by pursuing a career in the media industry. While studying full-time, Robbie is continuing to gain valuable knowledge and experience working with clubs and organisations within the Western Australian football community. Robbie is in his final year of a degree in media and communications at Edith Cowan University, where he is majoring in broadcasting and digital journalism.

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