Recent discussions show that jobseekers are getting ‘ghosted’ by potential employers, making the job hunting process even more arduous.

Jobseekers are increasingly frustrated. Image: Rachel Boothman.

Social media users have taken to the popular subreddit r/Perth to vent their frustrations and convey industry bad practices.

Ghosting is a term first used in the online dating world referring to the act of conversing with someone online and then suddenly being cut off of all contact without any explanation as to why.

In a report from Men’s Health Magazine, ghosting is described as “basically rejection without the closure”.

University student and jobseeker Cameron Rowsell said job hunting is already difficult due to lack of communication from workplaces.

“Being a uni student and unemployed is hard but what’s making it harder is not hearing back from workplaces, so I don’t know when to give up and move on to the next application,” Mr Rowsell said.

“I’ve applied to so many jobs over the past year and have had interviews with the employer and they have said at the end of the interview I will receive an email if I was successful or not… and after months of waiting, I still never hear anything back.”

However, Crown Perth Recruitment Coordinator Shannon Bailey said new conditions, especially with COVID-19, recruiters are under more pressure.

“The amount of time we have as recruiters is short compared to the number of applications we receive,” Ms Bailey said.

“We don’t intend on not replying to all candidates but with such high numbers of job applications coming through we now go through the process of only contacting successful applicants.”

If you or someone you know is feeling down or feeling rejected follow these links to find support:

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