Developing a deep passion for news media, Caleb Runciman is a third-year digital journalism and broadcasting major from Edith Cowan University.

Caleb Runciman: Edith Cowan Univerity

With a passion for the newsroom, Caleb has cherished and continues to invest in industry experience throughout the closing of his degree, aiming to pursue a career in a fast-paced newsroom environment.

As initial motivations for journalism stemmed from a background in art performance, Caleb’s energetic approach and distinct curiosity have resulted in numerous exemplary works throughout his time as a studying journalist.

With an avid interest in politics, current affairs and health, Caleb’s eagerness to work in a team, develop his skills and interrogate issues continue to drive his passions in the industry

Audio Storytelling

Political Package Ahead of Australian Federal Election
Live Radio ECU News Bulletin

News Writing

Showcasing flexibility in news writing, Caleb aims to produce transparent, provoking and people-focused journalistic works.

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Multimedia Feature
Arts & Culture Story

TV Package

Never shying away from alternative, complex and or difficult issues, Caleb’s continual engagement with multiple modes of storytelling helps to shape and promote a varied representation of news media in his work.

Same-day news package

With further works available at request, Caleb’s current portfolio aims to reflect his flexibility as a journalist.

In the pursuit of establishing himself as a knowledgeable and innovative contributor to the Australian media landscape, Caleb is open to connecting with professionals in the news media industry.

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