Bayswater residents say they are disappointed by the replacement bus services planned for a 26-day shutdown of the Midland train line, starting Friday March 31.

Retiree Gale McCluer said the replacement routes do not service all stops, including one relied upon by her husband.

Bus on Coode Street near Bayswater Station. Photo: Steelkamp via Wikimedia Commons.

“Now it is a lengthy walk which is okay but time-consuming for me, and as my husband is less mobile, he will have to rely on the 48 service which is hourly,” she said.

“I don’t understand why the buses cannot continue their normal route. It is just alienating people in central Bayswater.”

The Public Transport Authority said the works are necessary to replace the historic Bayswater bridge and begin works on a new Bayswater station.

Lily Faber, a Bayswater resident who requires use of a wheelchair, told ECU Vanguard News the replacement buses do not accommodate her needs.

“Rail replacement buses often aren’t wheelchair accessible, either because they do not have an electric ramp [or] they have an electric ramp, but it is not working,” Ms Faber said.

Ms Faber said even when the ramps are working, the roadside pick-up locations make them unsound.

“The height difference between the road and the bus stop is such that the gradient of the ramp is dangerously unsafe,” she said.

Another Bayswater resident Georgina Kerr said she is concerned by the lack of bicycle access available.

“Rail replacement buses don’t allow bikes so that’s a big issue for me,” Ms Kerr said.

Bayswater station will remain closed until September 2023.

Free travel on the replacement routes will be available to Bayswater residents.

ECU Vanguard News has contacted METRONET team for comment.

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