Perth alt-pop band Joan & The Giants have slated a new single drop, “Cool Kid,” for release in May.

The single drop precedes a scheduled EP release planned for the end of the year.

On the back of these announcements the band will play ‘Freo Social’ on Friday, April 14th.

Vocalist Grace Newton-Wordsworth. Source: Joan and the Giants.

However, the band’s recent successes have been driven by complex forces.

Joan & The Giants manager and vocalist Grace Newton-Wordsworth said she is motivated in her lyricism by the loss of her best friend’s brother to suicide.

“As a band we really try to focus on mental health and using music as a tool for honesty and connection,” Newton-Wordsworth said.

“One of our songs, ‘Just For You,’ was written for a friend of mine whose brother tragically lost his life from depression,” she said.

“As humans we go through all kinds of hard times in life, I think music is a really powerful source for speaking about these things and connecting with others.”

The band also won the 2022 ‘WA Music Award’ for ‘Best Lyrics’ in 2022, for their single ‘The Weekend’.

Newton-Wordsworth commented recently about the band’s upcoming single: “It’s my favourite release we’ve ever had… it’s so energetic,” she said.

“Our last project was quite pop and a little bit softer, this next release is way rockier and more upbeat.

“A little bit more of a punk inspiration coming through.”

Drummer Riley Sutton also discussed the upcoming EP release.

“That stuff is going to be higher energy than our previous offerings, but I think it’s going to be a very good shift from what our music was, to what it’s going to become.”

Joan & The Giants was formed in 2019 by long-time collaborators Grace Newton-Wordsworth and guitarist Aaron Birch, with drummer Riley Sutton and bassist Liam Olsen.

After only four years active, the band have headlined Shinju Matsuri Festival to more than 7000 people, embarked on multiple sold out tours in Western Australia, had rave reviews, a premiere and airplay on Triple J and rotation on Triple J Unearthed.

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