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A Journalism journey

As students, when we look to our futures in the media industry we see the big names we want to one day emulate, we see the stories we would love to cover and we see the ECU Alumni who have achieved success.

This story uncovers the journey of two Alumni that are both in very different stages of their careers: Jesse Donnelly Jones and Josh Garlepp.

Jesse whom has made a name for himself with his written work and his radio work and Josh Garlepp who has excelled in the audio/podcast space.

Jesse working at 6PR Image: Jack Fenwick

Jesse Donnelly Jones graduated from the Postgraduate Broadcasting course in 2022 after completing the Broadcasting and Digital Journalism undergraduate degree in 2021. 

Jesse is the reigning George Grljusich scholarship winner and is currently under contract at 6PR, working as a sports reporter and producer on the Wide World of Sports show with Adam Papalia, although his career is in it’s very early days his journey is an interesting one that can provide valuable lessons for Undergraduate students and post-graduate students alike.

At the end of 2021 Jesse would apply for the Postgraduate course and be successful in entering the program after an application and audition, he felt that the course really improved the skills learnt throughout the Undergrad course and at the beginning did have his reservations for entering asking himself: “If the course would amount to anything in the end”, but now looks back and is grateful as it gave him the tools to not only put his foot in the door in the industry but also taught him the skills necessary to achieve his dream. 

Something Jesse feels is necessary to succeed in the industry is getting as much experience while at university as possible, whether that be writing for the local paper or your own blog, making your own news shows and extra projects. 

Josh Garlepp

Another person who is further in his journey in the media industry but came from the same postgraduate program is Josh Garlepp, a big name in the Australian media landscape with his work for some of the biggest media organisations in the country to a point now where he can work for himself, producing his own podcast ‘The Kick if Forward Podcast’. I had a chat with Josh about his journey and what advice he has for future students looking to do what he has in the industry.

Please be advised that there is explicit content included in the audio below:

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