Perth, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant lifestyle, is also home to an emerging innovative wellness movement that’s making waves known as contrast therapy.

Contrast therapy involves the alternation between hot and cold treatments, promoting overall health and well-being.

The practice is commonly used by athletes to help promote quick recovery and involves flushing the system by going from different temperatures, supposedly reducing inflammation and promoting better blood pressure regulation.

With a unique approach to contrast therapy, Alchemy Saunas offers a refreshing take on relaxation and rejuvenation.

The company has taken this concept and made it accessible to the public.

The inspiration behind the business came about when the founders, Anthony Goyder and his business partner James Browne, decided to build a sauna for themselves. After selling the first one to a boxing gym, they realised the potential to offer these services to a wider audience without the high costs associated with selling saunas or ice baths individually. This led to the birth of their unique business.

Alchemy Saunas Point Walter. Image: Campbell Greaves

The company’s focus is to offer memberships, allowing the public to enjoy their saunas and ice baths regularly. Their aim is to make contrast therapy accessible and cost-effective for everyone.

Sauna usage is known to increase growth hormone levels and provide a better sleep which can benefit people of all ages by aiding in bone health and overall wellness.

With an equal number of male and female customers ranging in age from 18 to 80, their clientele reflects a wide cross-section of the community. They commonly use their facilities to support athletes’ rehabilitation and performance, including swimmers, triathletes, and football players.

While contrast therapy is beginning to gain popularity there has been little research done towards the concept.

Perth based Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Stephen Murray explained “there doesn’t seem to be a massive difference in athletes’ ability to recover quicker, but subjectively, their feedback is that if you feel better after, it works.”

“Cold water immersion, has been shown to have some benefits for improving recovery. However, there are pros and cons to that too,” he said. Murray believes if you incorporate contrast therapy into your routine, it is important to use it consistently to observe any potential benefits while ensuring that you don’t experience any adverse effects.

Conversation with Physiotherapist Stephen Murray on Contrast Therapy:

Inside Sauna at Alchemy Saunas. Image: Campbell Greaves

In addition to the physical benefits of contrast therapy, Alchemy Saunas also emphasises its positive impact on mental health. Research shows that regular sessions in the saunas and ice baths reduce stress, enhance mood, and provide a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Alchemy Saunas’ approach makes it a valuable resource for anyone looking for both physical and emotional relief in a world where stress is on the increase and mental health is of rising importance.

It is a popular choice for individuals wishing to enhance their overall quality of life due to the serene atmosphere and the chance to disconnect from the daily grind.

Despite the scorching summers in Australia, the company doesn’t experience a significant drop in customer numbers. In fact, some clients prefer sauna sessions even during the hottest months, as it makes the heat more bearable and complements the overall contrast therapy experience.

Looking ahead, Alchemy Saunas has ambitious plans for expansion, not only in Perth but throughout Australia. With several exciting new locations set to open in the coming months, including saunas in Leederville, City Beach, and most recently in Busselton. They are all poised to offer their unique brand of relaxation and recovery to a broader audience.

Alchemy Saunas can currently be found at Port Beach, Point Walter, East Fremantle and Busselton. For more information visit 

Alchemy Saunas benefits display at Port Beach. Image: Campbell Greaves

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