The early 2000s was a unique time in television and saw a rise in unscripted reality shows. Networks were looking to experiment with formats and ideas to try and something ‘new’. One of the most entertaining and a favourite of mine was Man vs Food hosted by Adam Richman. Our intrepid student reporter Dane Mepham recreates MvF for ECU Vanguard News.

Speaking with the original man v food director

Dane Mepham also explored the background and mechanics of reality TV in researching his project and spoke to the MvF Director himself: Dan Kornfeld.

Dane Mepham speaking with MvF Director Dan Kornfeld

Dane Mepham interviews Dan Kornfeld:

“TV is very cyclical, shows of particular types and genres can ebb and flow in terms of when they are popular and when they’re not. There are time periods where there’s fewer studio shot sitcoms versus more hour-long dramas.”

“Usually, a travel show somebody shows up in a destination, but there isn’t really an objective that they’re trying to reach”.

“What gave us a leg up in man versus food is that you always knew that when we go to the first two restaurants, we’re building up to something”. It’s not a very high degree of stakes, but it’s an actual outcome of whether or not Adam will accomplish this task”.

ECU Vanguard News and Dane would like to say a big thank you to Dan for his generosity. 

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