In this fascinating podcast, Amber Wilkinson investigates the taboo world of sex, reproduction, and contraception.

Hormonal contraception is a type of contraception that manipulates female sex hormones to prevent pregnancy. Varying forms have been around since the 1960s and in 2020 more than 80% of Australian women have used some method of it.

Since its creation, hormonal contraception has also been in the spotlight for the wide range of side effects and risks it can pose.

But in 2021 we want to be more informed about what’s happening in our bodies and what other options are out there. 

Contraception Confidential explores the shifting attitudes towards hormonal contraception. This is done through interviews with medical professionals, personal stories and looking at scientific research on the topic.

This 25-minute podcast explores these shifting attitudes through interviews with medical professionals, personal stories and looking at research surrounding the topic. 

Amber Wilkinson

About the Journalist

Amber is a recent journalism undergraduate from ECU, commencing her post-graduate diploma of Broadcasting in 2021. She is passionate about sharing stories important to young Australians and ensuring everyone has access to accurate and important information via media. She has completed a range of experience at FrenchWoods Radio in New York, Nova 93.7, Southern Cross Austereo and UniSport Australia. Amber hopes to pursue a career in broadcast journalism while also perfecting her at home latte art skills.